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The “Closure” Guy

My friend met someone online and they went on one date.  It was mediocre at best and she was not devastated when she didn’t hear from him.  FIVE days after the date, he texted to say that he had a good time, but he’s not interested.  She did not initiate the conversation, and was completely fine with letting it die.  Why would he go out of his way after radio silence for five days to say he doesn’t want to date her?  Obviously he hadn’t heard from her either, so she was not interested in dating him.  Anyway, she totally called him out and said “I don’t know why you felt the need to text me after 5 days to tell me you’re not interested, but thanks, I’m not interested either.”  And his response was that he felt she needed “closure.” WTF. Like she’s been staring at her phone for 5 days waiting for him to contact her?  This guy was obviously so full of himself he felt that my poor, pathetic friend had been waiting by the phone, so she obviously needed to hear that he was not interested.

The “Rejected” Guy

Often times after meeting an online guy for the first time, it does not work out. This guy suggested we go on a hike and then eat afterwards which I thought was way too intense for a first online date.  I told him we should just have lunch.  He texted back something short like “fine.” When I confronted him about it he said “well, it just seems like you had something better to do.”  I did not say this aloud, but I thought, “does it make you feel better that I did not have anything better to do and just didn’t want to go?”

After a first date, it’s pretty obvious if a second date is desired.  He was nice, but kind of weird and boring and I don’t think I was really what he was looking for either.  An hour after I got home from the date he texted and said “Hey, today was fun, when do you want to go out again?”

I replied “It was nice meeting you, I wasn’t really feeling it, so no thanks, but good luck!” which I thought was really nice.  We met online and were not invested in each other at all, so no second date = no big deal.

This guy does not take rejection well, and he proceeded to yell at me (via text) arguing my decision.  He said things like “you don’t even know me! you can’t judge me, we only had one meal together, that’s not enough to get to know someone, you didn’t even want to go on the hike with me–we didn’t do any activity together and you can’t really get to know someone by having just one meal together.  I really think you should take my advice….” blah blah blah.

Wow, you’ve convinced me! You’re totally right and now I want to go on a second date….

What a weirdo, thanks for verifying my decision.