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The “Control-Sleep” Guy

My friend lived with her boyfriend.  He was really weird and controlling, insisting they go to bed at the same time each night and wake up at the same time every morning.  So he would never let her sleep in, or if he wanted to sleep in, he would get mad that she would dare get out of bed before he woke up.  This meant if there is a game on he wanted to watched, she couldn’t go to bed while he stays up to watch it–she had to stay up until he was ready for bed. This was definitely a red flag–never be with someone who controls your sleep schedule.


The “Early-Riser” Guy

I have a friend who has an insanely busy job.  On the days that she has off, she would like to sleep in. She tells her boyfriend to please let her rest, she really needs it.  He is an early riser.  Every time, without fail, he wakes her up super early and wants to cuddle or more.  She is grumpy, gets mad at him, just wants to sleep in and they end up getting into fights.  He says he wants to spend time with her on her days off, so he wakes her up early.  He is specifically asked to NOT wake her up early, and fails to do it.  It’s not that hard to just let someone sleep in.

The “Sandwich” Guy

My roommate used to go to bed really early since her job required her to be up really early.  Around 10 at night, way past when she went to bed, I was in the kitchen and she walks in sheepishly–since she had been in bed for a couple hours at this point.  She starts rumanging through the fridge and I asked her what she was doing.  She said “Jordan woke me up since he doesn’t have lunch for tomorrow.”  So here she is making a sandwich at ten o’clock at night. He realized he didn’t have lunch so instead of being a grown man and problem solving (making it yourself, realizing you can just buy something) he wakes his girlfriend up in the middle of the night to make him food.

The “That was too Intense” Guy

*This was a serious boyfriend*  I was on a trip and the entire time, he would text me “goodnight” before he went to bed–every night.  A week into the trip, he did not.  I texted him and he didn’t respond, and called him to leave a voicemail.  It got later and later and I was genuinely getting concerned. It was very uncharacteristic of him–I had a boyfriend that texted me “goodnight” every night while I was on my trip, failed to and then wasn’t answering his texts or picking up his phone.  Was everything ok?  Did something happen to him? Did he lose his phone?  Or did he just fall asleep and forget?  I sent him an email that I was a little worried that he wasn’t responding, and I hope he didn’t lose his phone or something–just to call me when he gets the email.

He called me the next morning, apologizing that he had fallen asleep really early and didn’t text me.  He also said “that was a little intense” in regards to my reaction. I was genuinely offended! This was not some guy that I had gone on a couple dates with.  This was a serious, long-term boyfriend who texted me every night so EXCUSE ME for being concerned about you.