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The “Penis Size” Guy

My friend was dating a guy and after they had been intimate a few times, he asked her if he had the biggest penis of anyone she had been with.  First of all, that is a totally weird question (guys are always obsessed with size).  Secondly, don’t ask the question unless you are prepared for the answer.  She answered honestly and said “no.”  He was a decent size, but the truth is, she had been with a guy who had a bigger penis.  He demanded to know who and she told him.  Not like it mattered, since he had never met the guy before.  After that, it was an ongoing point of tension.  He constantly mentioned this other guy’s name and was always asking about why she wasn’t with him if his penis was so big.  Penis size isn’t everything and being wildly insecure about yours, and always talking about your insecurities is a complete turn off.

The “Sketchy” Guy

I was cautious when things started getting serious with any guy.  I was with one guy who I knew had been with several other women in the past.  I asked him if he would get tested before anything happened.  He said “sure.” And then changed his answer a few days later to “Oh, I did that before we met.”  When I pressed him about seeing documentation from the clinic he said “they don’t give you anything, they just said I was fine and I could leave.” The whole thing sounded sketchy to me–why wouldn’t the clinic give him a piece of paper? Why would he go from saying he would do it to saying he already had?  Needless to say the whole thing felt off and we never slept together.


The “Only For Sex” Guy

I know that this is not unusual at all  for online dating, but I just had to add it!  Obvious, but still funny.

What is up with the shirtless selfies?! Or the flexing arm poses at the gym?  I really don’t understand what type of self-respecting man would post these pictures–and what self-respecting woman would respond. Too many shirtless selfies online dating–I can’t handle it! The worst are the ones that are unattractive shirtless selfies!  If you are going to pose shirtless, at least have a decent body, please!

Again, this experience is not unique at all, and I will be the first to tell you that I am NOT the most attractive woman in the world.  I literally get messaged “hi…sex?” I am so curious about the type of women that respond to these messages–someone should do a psychological study–and then get them psychological help.

I will now type out verbatim a message that I recently received (and sadly this is NOT the only one of its kind):

“Hello, me and my wife are looking for some sexenture n we want to know if ur in to that stuff :)”

I’ve also gotten “wanna make out?”  I really hope he was kidding, but regardless I did not think it was funny.