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The “Never Living Together” Guy

My friend had been with her boyfriend for two years.  They did not live together and never talked about the future.  I thought it was a little unusual but to each his own.  She told me that they have a friend who met a guy four months prior and moved in together.  My friend and her boyfriend when to visit their new place and she thought it was so cute and nice that they moved in together that she decided to bring it up to her boyfriend.  When they got home, she mentioned how nice their place was and did he think they would ever move in together.  He said “maybe we can talk about it in two years.”  That was literally what he said! That maybe in two years, (after being together for two years already) they can discuss the possibility of moving in together.

The “Dirty Dishes” Guy

My friend decided to move in with her boyfriend–it is always an adjustment when a couple decides to live together. My friend likes things clean, but she’s not a clean freak and she fully believes that the guy should also help out with keeping things clean–especially things like the dishes.  She had complained to him a couple times about him not doing his part in doing the dishes and he apologized and said he would get better.

One day she came back from work and the sink was full of dishes.  Her boyfriend was home, but she decided to pick her battles and decided to start doing the dishes.  He instantly gets up goes to the sink and says “can I help?”  First of all, doing the dishes is kind of a one person thing, and once one person starts, it’s pretty moot to ask if you can “help.  So she replied with “don’t worry about it, it’s fine.”

The bad part is, instead of getting better, from that moment on he did not ever do the dishes–this went on for weeks of her coming home and seeing a sink full of dishes.  She finally decided to confront him about it and his response was “but you said don’t worry about it.”

So let me get this straight–she does the dishes ONE time, and tells him “don’t worry about it.”  Which is pretty clear to me, she means that particular instance.  This guy decides to interpret the “don’t worry about it” to mean don’t EVER worry about it?!


The “Motorcycle” Guy

My friend was dating this guy who rode a motorcycle. They were entertaining the idea of moving in together, so they thought it would be a good idea if she learned to ride the motorcycle in case he needed to use her car. Makes sense, right?

They went to this empty parking lot for her to try it out–I was not there for this but I saw the bruises after.  She said she was trying to turn and the motorcycle totally fell on her.  Luckily she was wearing a helmet, and traveling slowly, but she still banged up her shoulder and her leg pretty badly.

My first reaction was asking her if she’s ok, and what happened etc–apparently her boyfriends first reaction was to run over and scream at her for scratching his motorcycle.  He didn’t help her up or ask her if she was ok, or get her some first aid.  He was really fixated on his bike getting scratched up.

Thank goodness my friend came to her senses and broke it off before they moved in together.