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The “Never Living Together” Guy

My friend had been with her boyfriend for two years.  They did not live together and never talked about the future.  I thought it was a little unusual but to each his own.  She told me that they have a friend who met a guy four months prior and moved in together.  My friend and her boyfriend when to visit their new place and she thought it was so cute and nice that they moved in together that she decided to bring it up to her boyfriend.  When they got home, she mentioned how nice their place was and did he think they would ever move in together.  He said “maybe we can talk about it in two years.”  That was literally what he said! That maybe in two years, (after being together for two years already) they can discuss the possibility of moving in together.

The “Wants to Get Married Immediately” Guy

I am all for commitment and long term dating.  Contrary to these posts–which makes it seem like I just continuously go on horrible one-time-dates, I would like to eventually settle down.  But I’m not in a rush, and I might as well share this adventure while I’m on it.  This was a guy I was set up with through a mutual friend (she got an earful of my vent later).  I am absolutely not exaggerating when I tell you these are the questions I was asked on the first (and only) date:

How many children do you want to have?

Do you want a boy or a girl first?

How far apart do you want them?

Have you thought about what you’re wedding cake will look like?

What colors do you want your wedding colors to be?

Let’s put the brakes on this a little bit.  I could even excuse it if he had prefaced with “I just got back from my friends wedding” or “my sister just had her second baby.”  I can assure you these questions were without a preface and without prompting.  When he goes back to talk to his bros about how this date went, I hope he learned his lesson.