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The “Overpopulated” Guy

My friends boyfriend never wants to have children.  That’s a personal choice for him, but the sad thing is, my friend really wants to have children.  The weird thing is that he would completely brainwash her.  When I asked her about what it’s like with her wanting children and him not wanting children, she went off on a very seemingly-rehearsed speech about how the world is overpopulated and that people should stop having children since there’s not enough food/space whatever to maintain people continuing to have babies.

The “Selfish” Guy

I went through phases where I thought I would have kids and then I thought I wouldn’t.  At the time I was dating this guy in particular–I was pretty apathetic.  If the person I ended up with wanted kids, great, if he did not, that was great too.  We had this conversation and he said he never wanted kids, which was fine.  As time went on, he mentioned that he would want one kid.  I was surprised at this change and wasn’t a huge fan of just ONE. I would want none or at least two–I grew up with siblings and would not want to deprive my child of that.  I said I thought he didn’t want to have kids.  He said “I don’t” to which I was really confused.  I asked why he doesn’t want kids, but he would have just one and his response was “so I have someone to take care of me when I’m older.”

This spurred into a whole conversation–is that the ONLY reason you want to have a child? Yes. The ONLY reason–just so you have someone to take care of you?  He questioned who would take care of him if he didn’t have a kid who was obligated–he would get old a senile and end up in an old folks home–but if he had one kid that one child would be responsible to take care of him and he wouldn’t have to worry about it.  There is a plethora of things wrong with this logic, but a huge one is how incredibly stupid and selfish it is.  He has no intention of raising kids, or doing any of the thing it takes to raise a child–he was just thinking 60 years ahead and not wanting to deal with life.

The “Sexy Dad” Guy

This honestly creeps me out and it happens enough that I can have an entry, which makes me kind of sad.  Previously, I’ve written about guys who post the shirtless selfie–totally class-less.  There’s also the weird bed pose selfie, flexing muscles selfie and holding up the shirt so the abs are exposed selfie.

I assume that these guys are going for “sexy” and who knows, maybe it works on some girls….but anyway the real problem is I will occasionally come across a profile that has one of these weird “sexy” pictures…and then I’ll swipe to the next picture and it’ll be them with their adorable child.

Seriously, “sexy” picture, and then playing with their offspring.  Those two should NEVER be associated together, and it is NOT ok!  Like I’m supposed to think “this guy is hot” and the next picture see your child?!  “Oh, look, he’s a good father too!”

Either stick with JUST the sexy pictures so it’s pretty obvious what you are looking for or JUST stick with the kid pictures so you look like a good dad.  Having both back to back just makes you look like a horrible father AND a douchey person.


The “Baby Talk” Guy

If you keep up with my blog frequently, then you have probably realized by now that I have a serious “man-child” problem.  I refuse to believe this is specific to me, and I also believe that it goes the other way around.  When I watch my guilty pleasure reality television, and the girlfriend talks in a baby voice it makes me cringe equally when the man does it.

This guy was a nice, normal, professional person.  But occasionally when he talked to me (in what I can only assume was an attempt to be cute) he would say things like “otay” and “look at my twiddle tum tum” referring to his stomach.

I am so confused about how this is supposed to be a turn on on why men do it.  Also, if there are any women out there who find this sexy, please explain.  Just like how I refuse to go out with someone who eats like a child, I also refuse to go out with someone who talks like a child.  I want a man, and I want to feel like an equal partner, not a baby who makes me feel like a mother.