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The “Booty Shorts” Guy

My boyfriend and I were hanging out at a BBQ with a bunch of people.  One of my guy friends brought the new girl he had just started dating.  It was the first time any of us had met her.  She was nice and pretty and had a great body.  It was a hot summer day and she came wearing booty shorts.  When we left I mentioned that I liked my friends new girl and he said “yeah, and her butt looks really good in those shorts.”  Um…yeah…

The “Blindsiding” Guy

I was with this guy for a while and I knew that his ex girlfriend had some insecurities when it came to me.  I had never actually met her, but some of his friends still kept in touch with her, so it was sometimes a little awkward.

He invited me to his friends house for a BBQ.  As we were driving there, I was asking him which friends these are, and who was going to be there.  We are literally pulling up to the house and as he’s naming people he says “oh, my ex girlfriend will be there.”  I looked at him kind of shocked that I was not warned about this ahead of time–she and I had never interacted.  And he said “don’t worry, I told her you’re coming.”  Which I assume was supposed to be comforting, but I made him pass the house, pull over and I said “WHAT?!”

I told him I was shocked that he would have the forethought to courteously tell his ex girlfriend that his new girlfriend was going to be with him at the BBQ, meanwhile completely blindsiding his new girlfriend 30 seconds before we pull into the house with a “oh…by the way…”

When your current boyfriend has more respect for his ex girlfriends feelings than for yours, that is probably a sign that you should get out while you can.