The “Cheapskate” Guy

I had been going out with this guy for a while and we decided to go to a concert–which turned out to be a great show!  This was so long ago that I honestly don’t remember who suggested the concert..

He requested that I pick him up from work, which was no problem at all.  I picked him up, drove to the venue, and the parking was $20.  I gave the attendant cash and parked my car.  This guy did not even blink–I guess his justification would be that it is my car, and I was driving even though he requested me to.  We get to the box office and he buys his one ticket and steps aside.  So then I go up to the box office and purchase my own ticket.

At this point I had driven to pick him up from work, driven to the venue, parked my car for $20 and bought my own ticket to the concert.  I definitely consider myself a gender-equality advocate so this is not about the man not driving or paying or whatever.  If ANYONE–friend, date, acquaintance–picked me up from work and then spent $20 to park I would definitely at least offer to pay for some of it.  And if I did not pay for parking–I would offer to buy his or her ticket.

I think what bothered me was his inconsiderate attitude.  To be clear–this is someone that I had not been dating that long so we were still in our–need to impress each other because nothing is locked down–phase.  He failed to impress.


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