The “Awkwardly Mysterious” Guy

I was exchanging messages back and forth with this guy.   He finally asked me for my number so I left it with him–I did not get his.  A couple days later I get a text from an unknown number that says “What would you do with the money of you won the lottery?”

I thought that it was probably this guy that I was messaging, but it also sounds a little like a marketing scheme so I ignored it.  I figure that a mature man would identify himself before texting a woman he met online.

A few hours later, the same number said “hello?”

I still did not respond–this could be anyone and I am cautious about marketing companies, telemarketers or former acquaintances who I no longer have in my phone obtaining my number and knowing it’s me.

A few hours later the number said “I was waiting for a witty response…this is *****”

In which I responded “Oh, sorry, I don’t respond to text messages when I don’t know who is texting me.”  To which he said “I was waiting for you to respond so we could banter before I slowly revealed myself.”

….I am so curious about who that would work on….


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