The “Ex-Girlfriend” Guy

My friend went out with this guy who is good-looking, had a great job etc. etc.  He mentioned that he had not dated anyone seriously in two years–so my friend figured she was all good on the “rebound” front.

On the second date–they dug a little deeper and he started talking about fights he had gotten into with his ex girlfriend–a little too much information regarding an ex for a second date.  My friend was feeling uncomfortable at this point, and was trying the wrap the date up quickly when he started CRYING and telling her that his ex girlfriend was the love of his life and he let her get away.  She was confused and said “I thought you said your last serious relationship was two years ago.”

He said it was! And his ex girlfriend has been MARRIED and recently posted on facebook that her and her husband are expecting their first child. Turns out the only reason he decided to start dating again was because he found out his ex girlfriend–who has clearly moved on and gotten over him–is expecting a child with her now-husband.

Apparently, her dating someone new, getting engaged, and getting married wasn’t enough to encourage him to move on–it took them expecting a child for him to date again and even then, he apparently traumatized my friend with all his baggage.

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