The “Mistaken Identity” Guy

This date was going well–he was attractive and we were having a great conversation.  And then the conversation sort of got a little strange.

Him: What are sex stories?
Me: What?
Him: What are sex stories–you said on your profile that you like sex stories?
Me: (making sure I heard him correctly) I’m sorry sex…?!
Him: stories–you said you like sex stories
Me: What the hell are sex stories?!
Him: Oh, I was going to ask you that…since it was on your profile
Me: Um…no, it wasn’t. I have no idea what you’re talking about.
Him: Oh, sorry.

And we kind of blew past that.  It was kind of weird, but I had this “just go with it” kind of attitude.  I was also understanding–honestly when you are online dating you see SO many peoples profiles, I guess it’s easy to mix them up.

Later on…

Him: So what do you consider successful?
Me: What?
Him: It says on your profile that you are striving to be successful, so I was just wondering what you need to achieve in order to consider yourself successful.
Me: It doesn’t say that.
Him: Yes it does.
Me: (being SURE I did not write that I am “striving to be successful” on my profile) Let’s see.

I take out my smart phone, pull up the online dating app, and hand my phone to him so he can see my profile. He looks at it all confused, skims it up and down and

Him: Is this all it says?
Me: Yes.
Him: Did you add or take away anything?
Me: No, it’s been exactly the same since I created my profile, I’ve never changed anything.
Him: Really, are you sure?

So at this point I realize that although we had been messaging and although he did recognize me when we met, I was NOT the person he thought I was.   He apparently thought he was going on a date with a woman who “likes sex stories” and is “striving to be successful.”

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