The “First Date” Guy

I met this guy online and went on a first date with him.  It was fine.  He texted me a day later and asked if I wanted to go on a second date with him.  I said “sure.”  He seriously texted back and said “I’m actually kind of surprised you are agreeing to go on a second date with me–you seemed to be judging me on the first date.”

First of all, who does not judge someone on a first date, especially someone they met online, so no surprise there–pretty sure that’s what first dates are for.  Secondly, if he felt uncomfortable with it, why would you ask me out again?  And third–why would you bring it up?!  Yeah, I judged you, I don’t really know you, I agreed to go on a second date with you. Big deal–why ruin it by calling me out and saying something like that?  The second date never happened. I said something like “I thought that’s what first dates were for, but I’m definitely judging you for this conversation.”  And he said “I don’t care if you’re judging me, I want an explanation.”  Um…an explanation about why I want to go on a second date with you?  Well, I don’t anymore, so problem solved.

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