The “Friends Are Way Too Excited” Guy

I tell my friends when I have a date, and what we’ll be doing, and what I think of him so far. Blah blah–just girl talk.  Apparently guys have this conversation too.  I was on an OK date–he was nice and after lunch we decided to walk around.  He takes out his phone and says it’s totally blowing up.  I asked him if everything is ok, and he said that he told all his friends that he was going on a date so they are all texting him

“hey! how did it go?”

“Hey how was she?”

“what do you think of her?!”

“are you guys going on a second date?”

“how did the date end?”

“did you make plans for a second date?”

This was from several different people, and he probably had about 30 messages.  I’m not really sure how I feel about this–maybe this guy doesn’t date often so this was a huge deal and his friends are really supportive and excited for him.  I think the weird part for me is that he told me and showed/read some of the text messages while we were on the date.  Way to be smooth, man.


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