The “Netflix” Guy

I did not live with my boyfriend, but we had keys to each other’s houses and he was over often.  He would sometimes come over before I came home from work and hung out.  I didn’t have cable at the time, but I eventually gave him my netflix password, so he could chill out on his phone or ipad while at my place.  Long story short, we ended up breaking up.

I didn’t really think about netflix but about a month later, I signed on.  It had that “do you want to continue watching….” I had no recollection of watching this show, so I started digging–I went to my “recently watched” section where I could see all the dates and shows that have been watched on my account.  I realized that since we broke up–this dude had been using my account and watching netflix! What a douche–I disconnected him immediately and changed my password.

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