The “Walking Date” Guy

I love hiking and jogging and speed walking.  I would walk often around a lake after work–just to get a few miles in and listen to some music.  The guy I was dating knew this.  One day I said I was planning on going on a walk after work a few times that week–he then asked if I’d want to go on a walk with him that weekend.  There was a lagoon around where he lived.  Sure! I thought that sounded great–I am always looking to change it up and find interesting and safe places to do a jog or a speed walk and it’s fun to do it with someone.

So that weekend I showed up at his place all prepared–yoga pants, running shoes, sunscreen, water bottle–everything for my usual jogging, speed walking or hiking endeavor.  I was confused since he was in flip flops, nice pants and a button down collared shirt.  I asked him if he was going to change, and he said no–he had just put that on in preparation for our walking date.  I have never seen anyone exercise in flip flops and a button down collared shirt.

We got to the lagoon and I was ready to take off, but he started walking really slow and wanting to have a leisurely conversation. I told him when he asked if I wanted to “walk” around the lagoon, right after I mentioned speed walking or jogging after work, I assumed that’s what he had in mind.  He said that the walk he had in mind was just a leisurely, romantic stroll date.  Um…that would have been nice if that were better communicated to me.  I would have at least showed up in something cute and not make-up less in yoga pants.

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