The “Non-Communicator” Guy

The guy I was dating went to another country for a week.  He did not communicate with me at all the entire time he was there–no email, no texts, nothing.  We both have iphones, which are not affected by roaming.  I imessaged him that I hope he was having a good time, and he said “thanks.”

I was so offended that the guy I was dating couldn’t bother to even send me more than one word while he was abroad.  When I asked him about it later, he said that he wasn’t sure about the phone charges. Ok, sure–there was still email or anything, really.  He then said he only sent one text back because he wasn’t sure if it was going to be like a $4 charge per message.  Also understandable, but I was pretty offended that this supposed “$4” charge meant I was not worth $4 to communicate with, and if he really did think it was a charge–then he spent $4 on one word and didn’t even make it a worthwhile message.

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