The “Texter” Guy

Everyone is different but this particular friend is not a huge texter.  She really hates the useless “hey, what’s up” kind of text messages and prefers the messages that have substance.  I personally am really awkward on the phone, so I prefer texting.

She had gone out with this guy and thought he was funny, nice and good-looking.  Then the useless texts started.  She humored him for a while but was also annoyed that the useless texts never materialized into a second date.  She became less and less enthusiastic about texting until he finally called her out on it.  She texted him and said “to be honest, I’m not much of a texter and would prefer a phone call.”  *hint*  He texts her back and said something about “well, I didn’t know that, sorry.”  And then weirdly tried to continue the useless text conversation.  She became less and less responsive again, until he was worried about what was wrong and she texted him and said “if you really want to talk to me, you can call me tonight, I’ll be done with work around 5.”  *hint hint*

He does not call but instead attempts to continue the useless text conversation.  My friend, being so sick of this after telling him that she did have a good time, but she wants him to CALL just stops responding to his text messages all together.  DAYS go by of him texting without her response and he finally calls her and leaves a voicemail to the effect of “you haven’t been responding to my text messages, so I decided to try giving you a call.”  My friend thought this was comical, since apparently it takes two requests and days of ignoring him for him to do what she wanted in the first place–which is to call her.  IT’S NOT THAT HARD.

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