Monthly Archives: November 2016

The “Free Trip” Guy

My friend was going on a trip to Chicago for work.  Her boyfriend was originally from Chicago and his dad wasn’t doing so well.  She thought it would be nice to pay for his plane ticket; he could stay in the company paid hotel with her and he could see his sick father.  I don’t know how the conversation came about, but in her mind that’s what she was doing.  I thought that was extremely generous and he would not have been able to afford a ticket and a stay to see his dad otherwise.

They landed at the airport and were getting their luggage.  She said she asked him how they would get to the hotel–maybe he could go to information and ask?  He replied in a snarky tone“this isn’t my trip.”

So…he thought he was doing her a favor by coming along?  I would have been so offended and sent him right back on a plane.  My friend didn’t do that, but she was pretty pissed.


The “Bad Movie” Guy

I was dating this guy and he called me up to tell me that he and some friends were going to the movies and invited me.  I asked what movie–it was some horrible comedy that I had seen previews for and was not remotely interested in seeing.  I politely told him that I was not interested in the movie and that we would see each other soon. He said he wanted to spend time with me and insisted I come.  I liked him, but I honestly did NOT want to sit through the movie.  Sitting through some horrible movie for two hours with his friends isn’t something I would consider “quality time.”  Again, I told him I really did not want to see the movie, and thought it would be a waste of time and money.  He countered, by telling me that he would pay for me.  This was not an issue of wasting MY money–I would not want ANYONE to waste money on me for a movie I did not want to see.  I understand that he was hurt that I would not come, and that he genuinely did want to spend time with me. But his lack of respecting my decision and trying to get me to do something I had absolutely no desire to do was a complete turn off.


The “Horrible Texter” Guy

My friend had a thing with this guy, and it wasn’t totally working out so they ended it.  He sent her this long sob story about how he misses her and thinks about her etc.  She assured me that he was not drunk.  In the text messages she showed me, there were a ton of grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. No one is perfect, especially when they are emotional, but if you are trying to win back a girl, you should make sure you seem pretty intelligent and educated.