Monthly Archives: August 2016

The “Website Designer” Guy

I was helping the guy I was dating with his job hunt.  When I looked at his resume it said something about “website design.”  His current job had nothing to do with computer science or website design.  I was surprised and said I didn’t know he knew how to code etc.  He said “I can’t, but I can do website design.” When I asked him what he meant by that he said “I can delegate and tell people what looks good on a website and what doesn’t.”  Um…yeah, anyone can do that–that absolutely does not make you a website designer, or give you the experience and qualifications to list that as a skill on your resume.

The “Quick to Judge” Guy

I met up with this guy who had just moved to town.  After a couple casual coffee or drink dates, we decided to go on (a short) hike.  It was a popular hike and I thought it would be cool to take him there.  It was a little crowded and we happened to be in front of a couple of teenage girls who were talking about boys, clothes and make-up.  I wasn’t really paying attention since I was focused on our conversation.  But when we finished the hike he said “wow, I guess everyone in this town is really superficial.” Yes, let’s judge an entire town on two teenagers you were in front of for an hour.

The “Netflix” Guy

I did not live with my boyfriend, but we had keys to each other’s houses and he was over often.  He would sometimes come over before I came home from work and hung out.  I didn’t have cable at the time, but I eventually gave him my netflix password, so he could chill out on his phone or ipad while at my place.  Long story short, we ended up breaking up.

I didn’t really think about netflix but about a month later, I signed on.  It had that “do you want to continue watching….” I had no recollection of watching this show, so I started digging–I went to my “recently watched” section where I could see all the dates and shows that have been watched on my account.  I realized that since we broke up–this dude had been using my account and watching netflix! What a douche–I disconnected him immediately and changed my password.

The “Are You Dating Someone?” Guy

I was literally sent messages by guys and the first thing they would say is “hey are you dating someone right now?” First of all–if I was seriously dating someone why would I be online dating?  Also, why not start with an opener–ask me how I’m doing and if I don’t respond, maybe that means I’m dating someone.  They do not say anything to try to remotely connect and just say “hey are you dating someone right now?” That question just requires a yes or no answer.  It is not the initiation of a great conversation that would lead to a date.

The “Walking Date” Guy

I love hiking and jogging and speed walking.  I would walk often around a lake after work–just to get a few miles in and listen to some music.  The guy I was dating knew this.  One day I said I was planning on going on a walk after work a few times that week–he then asked if I’d want to go on a walk with him that weekend.  There was a lagoon around where he lived.  Sure! I thought that sounded great–I am always looking to change it up and find interesting and safe places to do a jog or a speed walk and it’s fun to do it with someone.

So that weekend I showed up at his place all prepared–yoga pants, running shoes, sunscreen, water bottle–everything for my usual jogging, speed walking or hiking endeavor.  I was confused since he was in flip flops, nice pants and a button down collared shirt.  I asked him if he was going to change, and he said no–he had just put that on in preparation for our walking date.  I have never seen anyone exercise in flip flops and a button down collared shirt.

We got to the lagoon and I was ready to take off, but he started walking really slow and wanting to have a leisurely conversation. I told him when he asked if I wanted to “walk” around the lagoon, right after I mentioned speed walking or jogging after work, I assumed that’s what he had in mind.  He said that the walk he had in mind was just a leisurely, romantic stroll date.  Um…that would have been nice if that were better communicated to me.  I would have at least showed up in something cute and not make-up less in yoga pants.

The “Never Living Together” Guy

My friend had been with her boyfriend for two years.  They did not live together and never talked about the future.  I thought it was a little unusual but to each his own.  She told me that they have a friend who met a guy four months prior and moved in together.  My friend and her boyfriend when to visit their new place and she thought it was so cute and nice that they moved in together that she decided to bring it up to her boyfriend.  When they got home, she mentioned how nice their place was and did he think they would ever move in together.  He said “maybe we can talk about it in two years.”  That was literally what he said! That maybe in two years, (after being together for two years already) they can discuss the possibility of moving in together.