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The “Habit” Guy

Everyone has their weird tics or habits.  Unfortunately for me, was dating someone who would ruin my clothes.  When we were sitting together or watching a movie–he had this horrible habit of picking at and tearing my clothes.  If he had his arm around my waist–he would keep tugging at and twisting the belt buckle loops on my jeans until they tore off.  It was so annoying! Clothes are expensive, and some of my stuff was pretty nice.  I asked him multiple times to stop, but it was just a weird habit he could not stop.

The “Non-Communicator” Guy

The guy I was dating went to another country for a week.  He did not communicate with me at all the entire time he was there–no email, no texts, nothing.  We both have iphones, which are not affected by roaming.  I imessaged him that I hope he was having a good time, and he said “thanks.”

I was so offended that the guy I was dating couldn’t bother to even send me more than one word while he was abroad.  When I asked him about it later, he said that he wasn’t sure about the phone charges. Ok, sure–there was still email or anything, really.  He then said he only sent one text back because he wasn’t sure if it was going to be like a $4 charge per message.  Also understandable, but I was pretty offended that this supposed “$4” charge meant I was not worth $4 to communicate with, and if he really did think it was a charge–then he spent $4 on one word and didn’t even make it a worthwhile message.

The “Breakfast” Guy

My friend was talking to this guy who seemed interested in her.  On the first date, they decided to go to dinner–he asked her where she wanted to meet.  She looked up places she thought were good and decided on the restaurant.  Usually the guy takes more initiative, especially when they are the ones interested, but she just thought maybe he was being polite.

They were texting and decided to go on a second date. He asked if getting breakfast before work would be ok.  Sure, she could stand to be a little late one day, but that meant it would be an early breakfast date–like 8am.  She was happy he asked her out and said that breakfast sounds great.  Then he said “ok, when you think of a place, let me know.”  He asked HER out, HE suggested breakfast (at 8 in the morning). She was under the assumption that he had a plan at that point, but apparently not.

The “Direction-less” Guy

I was set up by a friend with this guy who was a little younger.  I have nothing against dating younger guys.  As long as they are mature and have their life together, age doesn’t really matter to me. I’ve met a ton of older men who act like teenagers and I’d definitely prefer a mature younger man than an immature older one.

This guy was getting out of the military so I asked him what he was planning on doing afterwards.  He said he was thinking about nursing school.  Cool, I asked him where he was going to apply. He said “maybe Florida, or Washington state.”  Interesting–why those places?  “Cuz they seem like cool places” was the answer I got.

Great, he was a nice, well educated guy with good career aspirations but still clearly had no real direction in life.

The “Hotel Room” Guy

My boyfriend was going to this expo for fun–he invited me, but I had no interest in the topic and would rather stay at home.  He got a room at the hotel where the convention was being held.  When he got back, I asked him how it went, and he said it was really fun.  Then this story kind of unfolded.  He said that his friend Yvonne was also there–cool, he knew he would see people he knew.  Apparently the hotel where the convention was held was completely booked so she got a room in a hotel a couple blocks away.  She asked him if she could leave her stuff in his room, when they first got there, so she wouldn’t have to go, check in and come back. Also totally fine.  He had a room with one queen sized bed.  Yvonne went up to the room with him, she put her stuff in the room (that obviously had ONE queen bed).  And then she asked if she could stay there.

He told me this story super nonchalantly so I wasn’t really sure how to react. Did she stay there? Yes. Did you sleep in the same bed? Yes.

WHAT?! So this woman who has her own hotel room asks to put her stuff down, sees that you have one bed, asks to stay there and you sleep in the same bed as her?!

I am fairly certain nothing happened, because why else would he tell me this story (super casually, by the way–like this is a totally normal request and occurrence).  But I was completely weirded out that a guy in a committed relationship would allow another woman to share a bed with him.

The “Anti-Taylor Swift” Guy

My friend is a HUGE fan of Taylor Swift, as am I.  We definitely fan-girl out about her together.  When her new CD came out, I bought it and listened to it over and over again–I LOVE it.  I called my friend to ask her what she thought. She said she didn’t get a chance to listen to it much since she moved in with her boyfriend. Since the had been living together for over a year, I was confused at how this prevented her from listening to the CD.  She said her boyfriend hates Taylor Swift so she can’t listen to the new CD while he’s at home.

What?!  Sure, everyone has their taste in music, but he is literally preventing his girlfriend from listening to it?  I actually got really mad–at both of them–she should be able to listen to whatever music she wants, and he should let her.  If she listened to it as much as I did, (over and over again) I can see how that can get annoying, but she didn’t even get through the whole CD.

She said she tries to listen to it when she’s taking a bath sometimes, but then her boyfriend yells at her to “turn off that SH**” and actually gets mad.  Whoa–if you swear and yell at your girlfriend for listening to a CD while she takes a shower because you don’t like the music I think some serious anger management issues need to be addressed.

The “Fireworks” Guy

One year, I really wanted to see the fireworks for the 4th of July.  The guy I was dating was house sitting and pet sitting a dog for the summer.  I mentioned that I wanted to see the fireworks and looked up the location and times for shows.  There was one that started at 8pm and he said he would come with me.

At 7pm he said he was on his way–perfect, we would make it to the show right on time.  I waited till 7:15 and then 7:30.  I didn’t want to text him and pester him since I figured he was driving.  Maybe there was traffic and I am against texting and driving so I didn’t want to encourage it.

He got to my house a little after 8–we completely missed the show, but I was more concerned than angry at that point. I asked him if there was an accident or something and he said “no, the dog was scared of the fireworks so I decided to stay with her for a little bit.”

Wait wait, so you didn’t leave your house at 7 when you said you were going to?  Fine, you have the responsibility to take care of this dog–but you were at the house? You didn’t bother to TELL me you decided to leave later? You knew the fireworks started at 8 and made the decision to intentionally be late without even a courtesy text?

The “Wasted” Guy

My boyfriend and I took a trip back to the town where he went to college. He loved the area and a bunch of his friends were still there; got jobs after college and settled down.  It was a nice place and we had a great time playing tourist (I actually was a tourist and he was reminiscing).

He texted a bunch of his college buddies that he was back in town and wanted to hang out for the night.  To be clear–these people had graduated from college at least 10 years prior to this story and were now in their early 30s.

It was a nice mini getaway and our first hotel stay together. I was excited to see all the cool touristy stuff and meet his college friends.  One of his friends started texting him stuff like “so glad you’re back in town, man–we are gonna make you throw up tonight! Get ready to get WASTED.”

I asked if his buddy was joking and he said “no, I totally want to throw up with them tonight!” I was so confused because I had never seen that side of him–and also drinking with the intention of throwing up is pretty strange.

I was judgy about it and said things like “you’re going to get THAT drunk? I don’t want to have to take care of you on our weekend trip.” and “you’ll be hungover and we have so many fun things planned for tomorrow!” He got mad at me and said that he never sees his friends anymore and I’m being such an unreasonable girlfriend.

I have no problem with hanging out with his friends, I have no problem with drinking and maybe even getting tipsy–we’re on vacation, whatever.  But is it really necessary to get WASTED and WANT to throw up?  We’re not college kids at a frat party.

The “Forgetful Name” Guy

My friend, Tammy was dating this guy for a while.  She told me that she would have normal conversations with him after work like “how was your day?” “How was hanging out with your friends?”  

He was a good conversationalist so he did a good job of recapping what had happened. But the weird thing is, he would tell her he mentioned something funny she had said to his friends, or something they did together but he would always forget her name or have a weird pause like he wanted to make sure he didn’t say the wrong name.

“Oh I told Ben that I was hanging out with um……Tammy.”

“Jessica was asking what I’m doing this weekend and I said that me and um……Tammy were going to the movies.”

“I was telling John “I heard about this great restaurant from…..Tammy.”

She let it slide the first few times but it was enough to be noticeable and weird.

The “Mistaken Identity” Guy II

I was dating this guy, and I don’t remember what we were discussing but I remember him saying (very confidently) “Oh, because you used to be a cheerleader.” Um…I didn’t really know how to react here since I have never been a cheerleader in my life, and he said it like he was so sure.  So I said “No, I’ve never been a cheerleader.”  And then he started to disagree with me like “you told me you were.” Really? I think I would know.