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The “Can’t Form Coherent Sentences” Guy

My friends think I am SO picky when it comes to online dating–and I definitely am!  I feel like I have to be, and it’s so easy when there are obviously other people out there.  One thing I absolutely cannot stand are misspelled words.  There is no excuse for this!  We live in a day and age when there is automatic spell check in almost everything–as I am typing this document, little red lines appear on the misspelled words.  The same thing happens on smart phones and even IN the message box as you are typing on a dating site.  Do people just ignore the squiggly red lines? I am very confused about this.

Some guys write so poorly that I honestly cannot even figure out what they are trying to say.  Another thing that is annoying to me personally is the use of lowercase letters when it should be capitalized, and text speak, i. e “hey, wut r u up 2 2nite?”  I understand that this has somewhat become the norm in our society, especially amongst young people.  And maybe I am being too picky.  But my argument here is, although I can understand it, and admittedly abbreviate text messages to friends sometimes–this is an online dating site.  This is made for him to put his BEST foot forward, and a way to get him to impress women.  If he cannot even bother to spell check, or type coherently, in what I can only assume is the presentation of his “best self” I would hate to see what happens once he lets his guard down.


The “Baby Talk” Guy

If you keep up with my blog frequently, then you have probably realized by now that I have a serious “man-child” problem.  I refuse to believe this is specific to me, and I also believe that it goes the other way around.  When I watch my guilty pleasure reality television, and the girlfriend talks in a baby voice it makes me cringe equally when the man does it.

This guy was a nice, normal, professional person.  But occasionally when he talked to me (in what I can only assume was an attempt to be cute) he would say things like “otay” and “look at my twiddle tum tum” referring to his stomach.

I am so confused about how this is supposed to be a turn on on why men do it.  Also, if there are any women out there who find this sexy, please explain.  Just like how I refuse to go out with someone who eats like a child, I also refuse to go out with someone who talks like a child.  I want a man, and I want to feel like an equal partner, not a baby who makes me feel like a mother.

The “Sneaky Cellphone” Guy

My friend had been in a relationship with this guy for almost a year.  I thought he was nice, but a little on the quiet side and they didn’t seem to really fit right.  They ended up breaking up but before they did, things were pretty rocky.  She never really divulged much of their fights but I knew they were having problems.

They went out one night and she dropped him off at his place.  When she got home she realized that he had left his cell phone in the car.  She immediately emailed him to let him know she had it, and that she would swing by his place in the morning to drop it off.  His email response was “Thanks, and this is going to sound weird….but could you not look at it.”

The thought of looking through her boyfriends phone did not even cross her mind!  When she told me this story my immediate response was “omg, so did you look at it then?” She said she did not because quite frankly she did not care at all, and at that point was already so disconnected from the crumbling relationship. A part of her wishes she had just out of curiosity.